If you have WebShop then you probably have Google analytics in which you can see many nice reports that tell you how many people come to site, where they come from, how much you spent on advertising and how much you made…

But do you know the following things

  • am I showing the best products or I just sell most what I show most?
  • how much margin did I make?
  • how many shoes and of which brand people browse?
  • how visitors interests compare with the offline sales?

None of this information is (easily) available and is not linked with the offline data because one cannot get data from Google analytics – just reports.

Why is link having data and link with offline important?

  • when site or assortment changes reports are not relevant anymore
  • brick-and-mortar (offline) are over 80% of total sales – even in the U.S.

In order to create the true Omnichannel integration of on- and offline we created for our clients”

  • the web data that accurately describes the customer behavior
  • link between the web and offline data
  • algorithms for controlling the WebShop performance in terms of merchandising and displays
  • algorithms for offline stores control based on the online data
  • tools for on- offline management for category managers
  • remarketing machine learning algorithms for customer targeting
  • offer design machine learning algorithms for suggesting items to visitors

If you want to learn more about our WebShop Business Intelligence, ask us about our joint development project with Profitbase, our Norwegian Business Inteligence partner.