Decision making tools are one-stop environment comprising of:

  • Artificial Intelligence suggested decision/action
    “give discount X% on SKU A”
  • Custom made analytics justifying the decision
    “…because sales in the next 60 days will be Y”
  • Best practice machine learning forecast
    “…and 60 day forecast for sales of A was 87% correct so far”
  • Link with ERP documents so decision becomes action
    “if suggestion is accepted the price list is updated with X% discount on A”

Decision making tools are meant to:

  • Increase quality of decision because we use all available data, cutting edge ML forecasts and AI decision making algorithms that are completely alligned with company’s strategy
  • Increase efficiency because we provide decision makers not only suggestion but also all relevant information that is usually in many different reports
  • Increase productivity because decision makers do not waste time on looking at many reports or entering decisions in ERP

If your employees still use reports and Excel to make decision ask us about our decision making success stories in improving the sales and procurement.