We assist our clients in improving their businesses by:

  • improving and automating the key business processes
  • enabling employees to more efficiently perform their tasks
  • transforming the organizational structure to best match the new processes and KPIs

In order for change management to results in terms of profitability:

  • processes need to be optimized,
  • employees should be a good fit for the new processes,
  • KPIs should be directly linked to the processes and employees
  • employees should be motivated by KPIs, organizational structure and compensations

If all 4 components are 90% successfully done, the overall change management is 90% x 90% x 90% x 90% = 66% successful.

The key to success is not to separately work on process, employees’ tools, reporting, organizational structure and bonuses for the whole organization but to work on all parts in sequences by departments.

Below is our methodology of approaching the organizational change projects


If you want to learn more about our 10+ years of helping our client improve their businesses, ask us about our success stories in improving the organizational structure, linking KPIs to employees and creating the transparent value driving system of compensations and bonuses.