We assist our clients in digitally transforming their business by digitalizing their:

  • key business processes and operations
  • employees’ decision making processes
  • market place by optimizing physical and online sales

Digitalization is a process not a decision.

Think of airplane avionics in 70s and modern airplanes. Pilots still see the same parameters and can do the same things they were doing in 70s. The key feature of digitalization is that avionics can now assist pilot in doing his job better and replace him in some parts of the flying process.

The key market benefit of digitalization in avionics is more efficient and safer flying that resulted in rapid growth in number of flights that in turn made transformed air travel from luxury to common service/

We believe that the true value of digitalization does not lie in trying to fit the new technologies (mobile apps, cloud services, etc.) in the existing business model. The key to succeed is to start with processes that can be digitally transformed and are so significant that their change will generate enough value to drive the rest of the business transformation.

Just like any other successful process, “digitalization” feeds on value created by past successful transformation. If you pick processes that do not deliver significant value or cannot be successfully digitalized due to the technology or human resources limitations, digitalization will be another expensive idea that never became reality.

Before undertaking the long and expensive digital transformation come and talk to us. We can share with you our 10+ years of digital transformation experience and help you to:

  • identify the key value creating processes
  • estimate the expected benefit
  • evaluate existing and define the new necessary data
  • prepare digitalization plan
  • create and test the key prototypes
  • assist you in evaluating and managing the digitalization process

Ask us about our digitalization success stories in improving the product design, sales and logistics processes.