Current Business Intelligence software offer more than 10.000 reports as a proof of their value. If employees spends 1 minute on viewing each of the 10.000 reports, it will take her over 20 working days to see them all – a whole month just to view the reports.

In modern business environment people need information and assistance and not endless catalogues that do not provide any value added.

We assist our clients not only by delivering all the necessary information in one place but also by giving them:

  • only needed information for monitoring process or making decision
  • a suggested action on what to do instead of passive numbers
  • ability to see a simulation of the decision consequence or future process performance

We deliver no more than a few reports to an employee but all of them custom tailored and design for an individual process.

Our clients use “How much should I order” report/tool instead of the combination of the following reports: (1) stock level, (2) past sales, (3) delivery history report, (4) production schedule, etc.

In order to empower our clients with the best analytic tools we:

  • use all the data that company has, regardless of where is it stored
  • integrate all the data that client has, regardless of the information system(s)
  • enable client to see the relevant information from unrelated systems (for example CRM, sales and stock)
  • custom tailor algorithms that will give not just information but also the action suggestion
  • link each report/tool with the process and employee
  • standardize the decision making process and when employees leave company, the “know how” stays in the company
  • use the state of the art and world leading data visualization front end – Tableau

If you want to learn more about our 10+ years of helping our client get the maximum out of their data and use the information to improve their businesses, ask us about our success stories in advanced analytics and how we helped our clients measure the lost sales due to the out of stock, linked them to the relevant processes and use that information to improve their ordering and replenishment system